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Exclusively Formulated for Licensed Professional Applicators

Experienced professionals know- Control the moisture, control the mold. Although you can't completely avoid moisture you can help protect your home from unwanted problems it can cause.  UltraBan PRO was specifically engineered to control the moisture absorption- while still allowing the surface to breathe and without trapping harmful moisture inside the material. UltraBan PRO's advanced Infusion Film® chemistry bonds with the surface, creating an invisible barrier of protection against mold/mildew growth. If you are looking to take your moisture control program to the next level, choose PRO. The only proven solution for professionals who want the job done right.....the first time.     

Why choose PRO? 

UltraBan PRO was specially formulated to cling to the surface for lasting results. This allows for continued odor control and maximum protection against mold/mildew. Real time field results guarantee UltraBan PRO's microscopic barrier film protects against fungal growth. Here are other great benefits: 

  • Water repellent, semi vapor permeable (perm rating 1.5-2.5)

  • Advanced film barrier prevents fungi access to the substrate

  • By limiting absorption of uncontrolled moisture, topically and subsurface, coated components are more stable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions

  • Attaches to cellulose, with active ingredients

  • (Neutral ph) non-reactive /non-corrosive

  • Water based

  • Zero VOC’s- increased applicator safety

  • “Green Building” compliant

  • Odor controlling with agreeable fragrance

  • Applies slightly mint green / dries clear

  • Single coat application

  • Penetrates into surfaces not simply laying on the surface

  • Retains Borate for longer applied protection

  • Preferred formulation for hidden surfaces


UltraBan PRO is perfect for unfinished basements/crawlspaces or any areas with excessive moisture. 

Fast Facts:

DYK? UltraBan PRO was designed with the applicator in mind. Our crawlspace products contain no harsh chemicals or VOC's. Additionally, UltraBan PRO is engineered with a longer "hang time''. This unique formulation sticks to the surface when applied, reducing airborne exposure to the applicator. 


Due to it's unique chemistry, UltraBan PRO is widely known for its ability to help prevent moisture intrusion and structural damage due to wood rot. When blended with borate, it works synergistically, to bond and infuse borate to the substrate, prolonging its effective life and enhancing retention. Commonly applied as a pre-treatment for crawlspace encapsulation, this process ensures long-term fungal/wood boring insect protection and reduces the need for re-application. See UltraBan PRO's product label and spec sheet for DOT additives blending instructions. 

Looking for tips from the pros on how to treat a moldy crawlspace? Go here:

Other Great Products

UltraMean2- Cleaner, stain remover

Drive out offensive odors! UltraMean2 gives fresh feeling for reclaimed space; basements, attics, crawlspace.

UltraMean2 is a sodium percarbonate based cleaner commonly used to clean and deodorize the area before UltraBan PRO is applied. UltraMean2 is the best choice for applications in closed areas and tight spaces as it contains no harsh chemicals and will provide a clean surface ensuring optimal penetration of DOT- Borates. 

  • NO harmful Chlorine bleach

  • Gets rid of that moldy/musty smell

  • Easy to use- Just pour and mix

  • Removes deeply rooted fungi inside the surface

  • Interior/Exterior use

HIBATT TAPE- Reinforced Double-Sided Tape

No more punctured poly or dangerous spray glues when creating a closed crawlspace. TAPE IS SAFE! ...Spray glue can be toxic and flammable in a closed space. 

  • “The strongest 2-faced tape”

  • 4″ Reinforced double sided tape, 108' long

  • Securely holds poly to wall on precleaned surface

  • Creates vapor barrier seal

  • Use to create seal for overlapping layers of poly

  • Rough surface bonding

  • Expands and contracts with substrate

  • Water vapor resistant

  • Durability with flexibility

  • No VOC’s or sticky overspray like common spray adhesive

  • Will not crack, become brittle, or shrink

  • May be built up in layers for extra bond strength when needed

  • Acrylic adhesive provides long term performance

Suggested Uses:

  • Bonds and seals plastic sheeting

  • Affix wall signage

  • Laminate foams and films – scrim reinforcement provides for improved lay down

  • Permanent bonding of various materials such as fabrics, wallboard, plastics (including PVC), metal, and wood surfaces

Rhino Hide's "STICKY TAPE"

Use during crawlspace encapsulation to create a seamless seal for protection and visual appeal.

EASY TEAR TAPE- Serrated edges eliminate box cutters & "sliced fingers"!

  • 4″ clear tape used for secure seam sealing

  • The toughest bonding tape

  • Strong abrasion and tear resistance

  • Resistant to moisture and chemical deterioration

  • Will not crack or crease at low temperatures

Suggested Uses:

  • Creating seal on overlapping poly when encapsulating crawlspaces

  • Wrapping applications such as water filter purification, pipe wrap, and protective sealing

  • Splicing, seaming, and patching of films for agriculture

  • Protective coverage of finished goods stored as outdoor inventory

  • Separate dissimilar metals for insulation, roofing, metal fabrication, etc.

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