Solar- SNAP is a highly reflective foil material that is installed to block and repel up to 97% of radiant heat from entering the home. Traditionally, radiant barrier products are hard to install and even more challenging to remove. Solar-SNAP was designed to solve both of these issues. Solar- SNAP is the first and only easy install "roll up" radiant barrier system. It installs in 1 ⁄4 the time of staple-in radiant barrier products and is easily removed for periodic inspection, cleaning or repairs. If you are a professional looking for an easy install insulation system that can help permanently reduce your customer's monthly utility costs, choose Solar- SNAP! 


Why choose Solar-SNAP over traditional radiant heat barriers?

  • TIME SAVER: Installs in 1 ⁄4 the time of staple-in radiant barrier products
  • APPLICATOR SAFETY: Lowers the risk of damage from “step-through’s” or ceiling damage during installation
  • EASE OF USE: Easily removed for periodic inspection, cleaning or repairs
  • THE STRONGEST: Secure spring steel battens increase their holding power over time
  • MOISTURE FRIENDLY: Perforations allow Solar-SNAP material to breathe so as to not trap moisture
  • STABLE: Maintains ventilation from eave to roof vent
  • LESS INVASIVE: Does not damage roofing materials
  • SMART BARRIER: Redirects water leaks to the eaves and away from ceilings and insulation



   Benefits of adding a Radiant Barrier to the home: 

Patented steel battens embedded into the material designed to increase strength and hold over time.  

  • Blocks up to 97% of radiant heat in the attic, saving up to 35% of home energy costs from the attic space’s impact on the energy use
  • Reduces work-load and extends life of HVAC system
  • Lowers humidity in air conditioned areas
  • Increases comfort in both air conditioned and non-conditioned areas
  • Will increase comfort during colder seasons
  • Reclaims potential storage space, protecting items from excessive heat

DID YOU KNOW? Unlike traditional staple-up radiant barrier, Solar-SNAP's patented steel battens inside the material holds Solar-SNAP in place. This makes it the easiest to install and even easier to remove for inspections, cleaning or repair. 

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Available Products: 

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Solar-SNAP Radiant Heat Barrier

  • Available in 16” and 24” widths
  • Spring Steel batten every 24”
  • 500 square feet / roll
  • Easy to install

Solar-SNAP Installation Instructions

Solar-SNAP Materials Estimation Guide

Solar-SNAP Return on Investment Guide

Solar-SNAP Spec Sheet

Solar- SNAP Limited Warranty


Garage Door Kit

  • Enough for two standard two-car garage doors
  • 260 square feet / kit

Garage Door Kit Installation Guide


Solar-SNAP Non-Batten

  • Available in 24” and 48” widths
  • Staple-Up for hip roof valleys, gable ends, and other “odd” area applications
  • 500 square feet / roll

Hammer Stapler with Staples

  • Boxes of staples available also

Installation Tool

  • Extension pole available in 4′ – 8’ and 6′ – 12′ lengths
  • Roller bar allows easy installation of Solar-SNAP
  • Just roll it in place

Display Hot Box

  • See the dramatic difference in minutes
  • Show how radiant heat is blocked by Solar-SNAP
  • Small and portable (only 8″x7″x13″, 5lb)

To learn more about Hot Box assembly and maintenance, click here


DID YOU KNOW? Solar-SNAP is the radiant barrier of choice for the #1 Pest Control Company in the US!