The Ultra System- Mold Management Made Easy

How important is protecting your deck from mold? Very. Anything exposed to the outdoor environment can grow mold... and your decking is no exception. That's why we created, The Ultra System. It's a two-part system that not only delivers the deepest clean for the toughest jobs but also protects your wood or composite deck so the mold doesn't come back. If you're tired of fighting mold year after year or want to prevent it even before it begins, The Ultra System is the perfect choice for long-term protection.

How does it work? 

UltraMean2 is a non-toxic peroxide based cleaner that works to break up and remove the mold and grime from the decking while delivering a deep clean without harsh chemicals that can damage the deck or the surrounding plants. Once the deck is clean, apply UltraBan. UltraBan's advanced barrier film will the control the moisture and deny access to mold’s food source- the materials inside your deck! One easy application of UltraBan is all it takes for year-long protection! See application instructions below. 

The Ultra System Advantage:

  • Recommended by The #1 composite decking manufacturer as an eco-friendly alternative to Chlorine Bleach deck cleaners

  • Eco-friendly- Contains No Bleach, Ammonia or VOC's

  • Keeps the mold from coming back- Reduces yearly deck maintenance

  • Save your plants! Non-toxic formula will reduce plant-loss around decking

  • Will not harm or corrode composite or wood based decking

  • Eliminates "moldy" odors and the toughest mold and dirt stains

Composite deck cleaning kit scrub brush

Ready to get started?

We’ve made deck cleaning even easier with our ready to go composite cleaning kit. It includes everything you need to clean and protect your deck. On sale for only $134.99!

Follow the steps below for step-by-step guide on how easy it is to clean and protect your deck: If you have noticed mold growth or staining commonly called 'leopard spots' beginning to appear on your deck, the mold must be removed from the deck before you can protect it. Let us walk you through how The Ultra System works. The first step in The Ultra System is to clean and brighten your deck with UltraMean2.  Follow the instructions below to begin:



Rhino Hide products are recommended by the #1 Composite Decking Manufacturer in the US!

Why is mold growing on your deck? Mold only needs a few requirements to grow, (water, warm temperatures and organic food source) and if conditions are favorable, the mold will feed on the wood inside your deck. Much like a plant, mold will root into a surface. The porous nature of composite decking provides the perfect hiding place for mold to germinate and grow.

Once mold has begun to root and feed on the wood fibers inside the deck, the plastics exposed to the mold will absorb the green moldy color and become stained. If this happens and is left untreated, it can become very hard to remove. If your composite decking is showing signs of mold growth, it should be cleaned A.S.A.P.  The sooner you remove the mold, the less damage and staining it's likely to cause. The Ultra System helps prevent this from happening.

Chlorine bleach is extremely damaging to decking materials and will often make a mold problem worse.

TOP TIP: It is never advised to use a bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite) based deck cleaner on composite decking. Chlorine bleach is extremely caustic and will fade, corrode and eventually damage your deck beyond repair. If you do not use a peroxide bleach such as UltraMean2 to clean your deck, you can use a mild dish detergent and water. It is less effective on tough stains but much safer than chlorine bleach.

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