We are so thankful to have finally found a product to fix the mold issue on our composite deck. After spending significant dollars on professional cleanings, other deck cleaners and investing in a power washer, we did a last ditch effort to try to correct the problem before replacing a two-year-old deck. UltraBan and UltraMean2 saved us from replacing the entire surface boards. The customer service and care is light years ahead and we are so enjoying our “new deck” thanks to you!
— Monica Lang, Arlington Heights
I wouldn’t use anything else! These are the only products available that I know I can safely use on my composite deck without fading it like bleach does.
— Dick A, Alaska
When I first purchased my home it was in pretty bad shape. The crawlspace smelled terrible and was filled with mold. The house was also infested with powder post beetles. UltraBan-PRO was used to prevent mold and help prevent the beetles. Years later they are both still gone. I can honestly say this was one of the few purchases in life where I got my money’s worth.
— Greg Gibson
A few months after I purchased my composite deck we noticed a mold bloom. We called Rhino Hide® and they recommended UltraMean2 to clean it and UltraBan to keep the mold from coming back. “

” That was last fall and I haven’t seen the mold return! I plan on using UltraBan again in the spring to keep it looking this good...
— Linda M. Minnesota, USA
This stuff can be used almost anywhere! I figured I have saved thousands of dollars by treating the mold immediately.
— June C, Marietta, GA
I can attest to the superior effectiveness and affordability of Rhino Hide® products. When I worked at Explorations V children’s museum we used it on the exterior AC housing and the roof of our building. It was tinted and sprayed as easy as paint, yet provided a waterproof barrier that sealed out the mystery leaks that continuously popped up in that historical 1927 Kress building. After many trials and aggravations with other methods, we found our solution with Rhino Hide®.
— Terisa G. Lakeland, Fl
UltraBan is a great product and I’ve been very happy with it. I use it once a year on my deck so I don’t have to worry about the mold anymore.
— Cliff J, Blackwood, NJ