Mold, a common type of fungi, can be a big problem for your home and health. Visible or not, there are a few common warning signs that mold is growing in your home: The unmistakable moldy smell, water leaks, unexplained allergies... If you are experiencing visible mold growth or any of these symptoms; it's not too late to act. Homeowners and builders alike are using UltraBan's advanced film barrier to protect their homes from this silent threat. UltraBan provides the peace of mind that you are protected for the unexpected. Don't wait for mold to become a problem. Protect and preserve your home with UltraBan. 

UltraBan (1 Gallon)
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How does it work? 

The secret behind UltraBan’s success is its infusion film chemistry- The Invisible Shield. This shield will not allow mold or mildew to grow on it’s barrier film, protecting the substrate below from fungal growth. How? This technology prevents access to fungi's most prized food source- organic materials, many of which are the primary building materials in a home. This coating becomes one with the substrates by microscopically penetrating and crosslinking within the absorbent surface. This means that UltraBan "bonds" with the material unlike most products that lay on the surface and can be washed away. UltraBan is lab tested and more importantly, "proven in the field" to provide a long-lasting barrier against mold and mildew growth. After application, it will dry completely clear and will not change the look of the surface. It's perfect for the home interior or exterior above ground applications.

Why choose UltraBan? 

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS – Does not leach out into the environment and contains no harmful Bleach, Ammonia or VOC's.

  • PROVEN PERFORMANCE- The only product Lab certified and more importantly "proven in the field" formula that provides a long-term barrier against mold growth.

  • VERSATILE – UltraBan's easy application can be used indoors, outdoors and on most water washable surfaces.

  • ELIMINATES MOLDY ODORS – The dried film coating will not support odor causing organisms found in basements, crawlspaces, and attics while still allowing the surface to “breathe”.

  • PROTECTS THE HOME- Helps to promote healthy indoor air quality in the home.

What's in your home?  Did you know UltraBan's unique chemistry was designed to be tough on mold, but not on you. UltraBan was engineered to get the job done without the use of harsh chemicals such as Bleach, Ammonia or VOC's. It also stays where you put it so it will not "leach" back out into your home or the environment. 

UltraBan is perfect for: 

  • All natural wood products

  • Drywall, wallpaper, painted surfaces

  • Outside furniture and wood recreation equipment

  • Marine and RV interiors

  • Indoor and outdoor areas

  • Farm and Barn structures

  • Pre-construction protection

  • Composite or wooden decking

  • Post-flood remediation

  • Basement, crawlspace or attic

  • Siding, shake shingles, fiberglass shingles

  • Wood fencing

DID YOU KNOW? UltraBan solved a big problem! Many waterproofing products seal out external moisture while trapping moisture within, effectively doing more harm than good. UltraBan was designed to provide the perfect balance of water repellency and vapor transmission.  Wood needs to naturally expand and contract with moisture and humidity. UltraBan was engineered with a certified perm rating of 1.25-2.25% which allows the substrate to breathe. 

Please note: UltraBan is sold in a 1 gallon container. See estimation guide below for your surface coverage. 

UltraBan's sq ft. per gallon coverage: 

  1. Fiberglass- up to 1,000

  2. Vinyl siding- 800-1,000

  3. Painted surfaces- 600-800

  4. Drywall/wallpaper- 400-600

  5. Previously stained decks- 300-400

  6. Composite decking- 300-400

  7. Wood surfaces- 200-300

  8. Cement/ concrete block- 125-250


                                                                                                                                   BUY TOGETHER AND SAVE!

UltraMean2 and UltraBan make a great team! UltraMean2 is a non-toxic, sodium percarbonate based cleaner that is commonly used to clean and remove mold from the contaminated area before UltraBan is applied.