5 Awesome Uses for Oxygen Bleach

oxygen bleach powder for trex decking

For years, companies such as Clorox® have advertised chlorine bleach as the only choice for cleaning and disinfection, and for a while, it was. As it turns out, it wasn't until a safer oxygen bleach came along did homeowner's start to realize they could get the same great cleaning results, without the toxic side effects. Oxygen bleach is an awesome alternative to chlorine bleach because it will give you the same disinfecting, "bleached" results- without the harsh fumes and toxicity to home and family. As versatile as it is easy to use, let's take a look at few reasons why we choose oxygen bleach as a safer and more effective alternative to chlorine bleach. 

1. Multi-purpose home cleaner

Move over chlorine bleach, oxygen bleach is now becoming the go-to household essential! A powdered oxygen bleach is a non-toxic formula that uses the power of hydrogen peroxide and oxygen to clean. When mixed with water, this combination releases oxygen which creates hydrogen peroxide that will eventually decompose into a natural soda ash. This tough combination will not only disinfect and remove tough stains but will give you that "bleachy clean" look without exposing your family to harmful chemicals. An oxygen bleach is the ideal cleaner for families with children, pets or overall trying to reduce chemical exposure to live a healthier lifestyle. Here are a few other great uses for around the home: 

  • Septic enhancer/toilet bowl cleaner

  • Carpet deodorizer and sanitizer

  • Pet stain removal

  • Formica stained countertops

  • Garbage disposal cleaner/odor remover


2. Laundry Booster

best oxygen bleach laundry cleaner

One of our favorite things about an oxygen bleach is it's ability to remove ground in stains and brighten fabrics. Our product, UltraMean2, was enhanced with a stronger formulation than regular oxygen bleach to tackle those tougher than normal stains. Due to it's it's color safe properties, it won't leave your colored clothes with those white bleach stains like chlorine bleach. It is also highly concentrated so you can control the power of the clean without wasting product. 

How to boost your laundry with an Oxygen Bleach:

An oxygen bleach can be applied to boost your regular detergent's cleaning abilities or can be used to replace store bought detergents. Only a few ounces are needed to get the job done. Another favorite quality of oxygen bleach for laundry is it's agreeable fragrance. It will leave your clothes with a mild "clean" scent without the offensive odors. Some people with chemical sensitivities or choose to launder without strong scented products might just find the perfect solution in an oxygen bleach.

PLEASE NOTE: Always test for colorfastness before using UltraMean2 on an unseen area. Do not use on materials such as leather, silk, wool or anything that is not water tolerant/washable. 


3. Grout cleaner

Oxygen Bleach tile and grout cleaner

Cleaning the grout and tile in your home doesn't have to be expensive and labor intensive. A quick and easy solution to moldy grout and tile is an oxygen bleach paste! Unlike chlorine bleach, an oxygen bleach reaches into the porous grout to remove any mold/mildew that may be growing inside. Chlorine bleach can not penetrate a porous surface so although it may look great after use, it has only "bleached" the surface white. Choose an oxygen bleach to get the same clean look and better results without the gas mask!.

How to clean your grout with an Oxygen Bleach:

Before you begin, you will need to determine the amount needed for your cleaning strength. You can easily clean one of two ways: One, you can mix and dissolve the oxygen bleach in warm/hot water, pour into a spray bottle and spritz the areas of the grout needed. You will immediately notice the bubbling and fizzing of the oxygen working.  Second, make a paste and let it sit! UltraMean2 is highly concentrated so a paste would be best for deep cleanings or problematic areas.



4. Mold & mildew

home cleaning with oxygen bleach

Although technically this falls under the household category, we decided to make special mention and for good reason. Finding mold growth in your home is a big deal and using the wrong cleaners can make your issue much worse. OSHA and the EPA have specifically advised against using chlorine bleach for mold removal as it has been found ineffective against remediating mold and in most cases will actually make the mold problem much worse.

If you do find extensive mold growth in your home, stop and investigate. If you choose to hire a professional, insist on an oxygen bleach cleaner. This will ensure that the mold is removed from inside the material, not just cleaned from the surface.


5. Wooden and composite decking

non-toxic oxygen bleach deck cleaner

By far one of the favorite choices choices for deck cleaning companies is an oxygen bleach. Using chlorine bleach on wood based decking (composite decking is made from wood and plastics) is not only dangerous to your health but is extremely damaging to your deck. Additionally, although it may look clean after use, it has not only proven ineffective to get rid of mold and mildew, but actually makes the issue much worse! 

Chlorine bleach is extremely corrosive to wood fibers and the metal fastners that hold your deck together. It also will continually degrade the color of your decking when exposed to UV rays. Needless to say, you can achieve better results with a safer, more effective oxygen bleach alternative. Simply mix the desired strength in warm/hot water, (oxygen bleach works best with hot water) and use a garden sprayer to apply to the deck. Let the product sit and bubble to lift and remove tough stains on the deck. You can even give the product a boost by scrubbing the deck with a brush while it's working. Lastly, stand back and marvel at just how much dirt and grime is gone!


The advantages of ditching the chlorine bleach and making the switch to an oxygen bleach, far outweigh the disadvantages. Not only will your home shine but your health will thank you in the long run. Give it a try and you will be amazed at how versatile and effective an oxygen bleach cleaner really is!

Want to learn more about our non-toxic oxygen bleach cleaner, UltraMean2? Click here! 

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