Amazing Mold Experiment- Preventing mold on wood!

We love submissions from satisfied customers. We’re even more excited when we are featured in real time experiments! We recently received a submission from a 5th grade student in Florida who tested three products to see which ones would prevent mold on untreated lumber. The experiment lasted a total of three weeks and well, (can we brag a little), UltraBan dominated the competition! The student was so impressed with the outcome he wanted to share the results with us. Here are the actual submission images and procedure…

The Science Experiment

“We used five pieces of wood for each product. We put 1.5oz of product on one half of the wood and left the other side natural. This way we could see if the products actually worked. We only had three weeks so we had to speed up the mold growth. Since mold likes to grow in yogurt we spread a really thin layer on the treated and untreated sides of the wood. Also, mold needs water to grow so I put the wood into Ziploc bags and added some water to create condensation. It took about 2 days for the wood to start growing mold.”

“After a week, the mold started to move from the yogurt and started to feed on the wood. By week 3, the mold was all over product 2 and 3’s wood (Product names have been changed to 2 and 3) on every side and top and bottom. UltraBan was the only one that kept the mold from growing. It didn’t even grow on the yogurt.” (See final image: The mold grows around UltraBan!)

The Science Behind Why UltraBan Works To Prevent Mold

UltraBan has what we call “Infusion Film™ Chemistry”. This means, UltraBan fuses to a surface and creates an invisible shield that resists mold and mildew. This Infusion Film™ microscopically penetrates and crosslinks within an absorbent surface becoming one with the product it treats. Not only does this create the toughest mold barrier, but unlike many “waterproofing” products, UltraBan allows the surface to breathe without trapping moisture below the surface. This advanced solution creates the perfect mold and mildew barrier without harming the substrate.

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