How To Protect Plants When Cleaning Outside


Spring is here and once again it's time to prepare for deck season. You work hard to keep your deck looking beautiful and there is no reason to sacrifice the beauty of your plants around your deck too. So how can you protect plants when cleaning your outside deck, fence, or siding?


The first step to protection is to choose your cleaner wisely. Avoid using toxic chemicals, such as chlorine bleach.

Even environmentally friendly chemicals can harm your plants and grass in high concentrations. If you are using a concentrated cleaner, start by mixing a small amount in the weakest strength. Test this in a small area. You can always add more concentrate if a stronger cleaning power is needed.

As a precaution, I always recommend watering the vegetation around the cleaning area before you start. Then, whenever possible, cover your plants. After the cleaning and final rinse, uncover and water your plants again. This process helps dilute the cleaner even more in the soil, limiting the amount of chemical your plants will receive.